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An initial consultation is simply the best way of getting to meet one another and discuss the nature of your health problem.

We will take a detailed case history and make an assessment of your energy system, posture and other related factors.

We can then talk about the various types of treatments available and decide which combination would best be suited to your particular needs. A treatment will take place during this consultation.


Colour therapy using a light pen

Treatments may include acupressure, colour (light) therapy and massage. To find out more about these, and other complementary therapies we recommend you visit

A course of treatment is usually beneficial, but some treatments can be taken on an ad-hoc basis when you feel the need. We will discuss your treatment plan and the timescales involved at your initial appointment.


We offer practical and creative advice on a wide range of self-help techniques including meditation, relaxation, visualization, and lifestyle management.

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