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Kent On Sunday - Article, 6 May 2007

It's all in your aura

CHRIS BRITCHER gets in touch with his spiritual side in this report on alternative therapies...

FROM the outside it looks like any other bungalow, nestled along a quiet street, surrounded by fields in a pleasant enough village.

Brian Greenfield

But a quick buzz of the door bell and the man who answers it reminds you this is no normal residence.

Because this is the inner-g clinic and within its clean and uncluttered walls lies a device capable of not only revealing, but also interpreting, that most mystic of visions; your aura – the coloured glow which, it is claimed, surrounds every one of us.

The man ushering me in, wearing a pale green top embroidered with the clinic’s name, is Brian Greenfield – an amiable and enthusiastic man who runs the clinic from his home in Sellindge – the midway point between Ashford and Folkestone. As he guides me into his consultation roomwhere gentle music floats in the air, there is no mistaking you are in deepest complementary medicine territory.

Yet it is the device which perches on his desk next to his computer which immediately attracts the eye and is the conduit to, should you believe such things, your spirit and inner well-being.

At £7,000 the Biopulsar Reflexograph gadget, to give it its full name, is not cheap. Developed over eight years in Germany, currently only three practices in the entire UK have one and its claims are quite staggering. By simply applying your hand on the gold sensors for a minute it throws up an image on a computer screen which can not only reveal your aura, but also give vital early warning signs to physical problems.

“It is described as a fusion of traditional treatments and modern technology,” Greenfield, 54, explains.

“There are a whole range of philosophies behind it – Eastern, Indian and Chinese – all brought up to date with latest computerised technology systems.

“This doesn’t look at your body and identify if there is a tumour there, for example. This looks at the vitality of your body and the energy going to a particular area of it. So, for example, we can say, is a certain part of your body receiving enough energy, or is it receiving too much or too little?”

Centred around the South and Far East Asian belief in chakra – described as a “nexus of metaphysical and biophysical energy within the human body” – it takes its findings and lays them on top of Leonardo Da Vinci’s iconic Vitruvian Man on a computer screen – converting the data into swaths of colour which, Greenfield claims, allows him to interpret your inner well-being.

“We are not just made up of a physical body but we have a mental and emotional side too.

“Of course the aura exists – and we can see it.”

Perhaps not surprisingly, not all his clients are so keen to give it a whirl.

He explains: “I think there is an element of fear in clients, but I was surprised by how many people who want to know. Some don’t want to know what is wrong with them and others are intrigued by it. But if they don’t want it, we don’t use it.

“Conventional medicine can only treat the symptoms, they don’t have time to look at the other issues – are you under stress at work? Are you undergoing a divorce? For example. Here we can take a longer look at what is going on in your life. Equally, we try to reassure them because we are looking at energy levels.”

Greenfield has been operating his clinic for nine years, and aside from the aura device, he dishes out a range of alternative therapies – with a heavy focus on using colours to heal the mind, body and soul.

Having trained as a surveyor in the construction industry he moved into the health service in his early twenties, becoming fascinated by the technological world of the operating theatre.

After becoming an operating theatre practitioner he went on to work for a clinical research group – Smiths Medical – rising up through the ranks to eventually become the group’s clinical advisor.

But the job came with a price: international jet-setting sent his stress levels soaring. In pursuit of self-help and with a burning desire to start his own business, he trained in complementary therapies.

Today he spends his time with a steady rota of clients paying £30 a session – which can last two hours – for his advice.

“People are fascinated by this,” he says, “I’m doing an exhibition day in Deal soon and I’m already fully booked despite people never having seen it before.”

What he discovered

FIRST of all: that is not me in the picture below. Granted, I like to think I resemble the perfectly proportioned Vitruvian Man so elegantly drawn by a certain Mr da Vinci – although with a couple less arms and legs, and without such a Kevin Keeganesque perm – but alas, it is not to be.

VITRUVIAN: Britcher’s aura

And it would appear the similarities with the picture of good health disappear amid a blur of deep blues, indigos and a worrying splattering of what looks to me like urinestreak yellow as my aura materialises in front of me on a computer screen.

I am so nervous about peeking through this window into my body the cold sweat from my palm has to be wiped away before we begin. This is expensive gear after all; the last thing he will want is my pouring perspiration clogging its magical properties.

After a minute of resting my left hand on the sensors, with eyes closed and panic coursing through my veins, the image is ready for interpretation.

My throat scores poorly – suggesting, I’m told, energy levels there are low. I knew it. Cancer. No, apparently it’s because I don’t say what I think most of the time, bottling up my true feelings. He may have a point. Frankly, I’m just relieved it’s not a ruddy great tumour.

“Ideally, you want to see turquoise,” Greenfield explains, “and there’s a lot of blue in yours. It’s not bad – it is just different traits. A lot of indigo too – that’s interesting as it’s a very spiritual connection element to your aura. That is very much that your spiritual levels are quite high.

“There is an area of great change for you – that’s the green above the head.”

Hmmm… no doubt my steady decline into male baldness. Curses.

Overall, it’s a case of too much energy in lots of places – too little elsewhere. I must admit I leave a little anxious and a trifle unsettled.

And therein, I suggest, lies the problem. If you hope your aura will reveal any genuine physical problems, you have to counter that with the prospect it is just as likely an emotional one – quite how you differentiate between the two I’m not entirely sure.

However, when Greenfield tells me my aura suggests I want more in my career I couldn’t agree more; surely my employers can’t argue with such forces. I’ll ask for a pay rise.

As featured in ‘Kent on Sunday’ - 6 May 2007 (

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